Holymoorside Angling Club was formed in the late 1960's by a group of enthuisiastic anglers keen to find a base for there hobby.The club has two venues, the first being the Holymoorside dam and the second being two small ponds at Standedge, Chesterfield. The Holymoorside Dam (Mill Pond) was constructed in the late seventeen hundreds to provide water for a mill situated to the North East of the dam. The mill was demolished in the 1920's but the mill pond remains to provide a pleasant and relaxing place for local people as well as an increasingly enjoyable fishing venue.The Holymoorside club has a membership of around one hundred and thirty members with some being from the village but many travelling from all over Chesterfield to fish our venues and to take part in the variety of matches hosted by the club.The Club hosts ten Monday Evening matches begining in May.For further information on fishing these matches please click on the matches button on our welcome page.

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